Bespoke finishes we provide

King Venetian are passionate about collaborating with our clients to achieve the dream finish to their homes or office. We have collaborated with other artisans, and worked solo, domestically and internationally, working on an extensive portfolio of prestigious building projects.

We offer a wide range of services and types of bespoke finishes. Outlined below are some of the more popular finishes we specialise in and a full list of the services we offer.

Polished Plaster Grassello

Grassello is a smooth and highly reflective decorative finish with an ornate marble like decorative pattern. It's lavish and opulent style, both fashionable in high end contemporary interior design or to complete a classical look.


Concrete has been developed to have look and feel of cast or shuttered concrete. Our new and innovative finish can be polished to give a smooth mid sheen look or left more matt. Available in several shades of concrete this finish can be used on any scale in interior design to give seamless or jointed work.


Metallic is a beautifully ornate decorative polished plaster has a soft satin finish that shimmers with changes in light. Metallic marmorino's are available in many colours including traditional golds, silvers, bronzes and copper as well as bespoke styling.

Venetian Stucco

Intonachino pitted plasters are created from a range of classic fine or rustically coarse stucco to give an antique effect. These Venetian plasters are created so as to give a deeply pitted matt finish, or a smooth, pitted lightly polished plaster surface likened to limestone. They may be enhanced further with colour washes for a veiled or velato finish.


King Venetian offer a range of polished plaster Marmorino to achieve a variety of sheens and decorative effect. From fine marmorino with glossy surface with a notable movement between light and shade. Classic marmorino with a larger marble grain to show a more elaborate workmanship shown still with a glossy sheen. To the coarser marmorino, likened to modern tadelakts where the surface is smooth, honed by the craftsman to a satin like finish with a flat decorative effect.


Travertino Venetian plaster is created so as to have the look and feel of natural travertine stone. This Venetian plaster is characterised by the dragged pits and troughs within the smooth surface. Travertino may be created with the different stucco plasters to provide various styles and textures.


Unique Venetian plaster finishes obtained using carefully selected black volcanic sand, coloured marble, terracotta or mother of pearl. Decorative minerals which rise through the smooth glossy surface giving a good sense of depth to this traditional mineral finish. Depending on the style and sheen these fine finishes maybe used with grassello or marmorino polished plasters.

Mica Flake

A raw and organic looking plaster finish where the surface is smooth but not polished. Within the finish are held soft flakes of metallic mica to complete the sense of weathered stone.


Spatula are versatile modern polished plaster finishes, available in Medium and Fine, which can be high to mid sheen which match grassello or marmorino. Spatula is amodern Polished plaster, available in any colour with a strong protective wax and is well suited to fast track applications.


Fantasia is a unique style of Venetian plaster used for creating smooth or textured patterned surface finishes.

Flooring Marmorino

Flooring Marmorino may be applied to flooring areas or walls to make seamless finish with a natural character with a finish that is smooth, durable and with a lightly polished sheen.


Terrano is a new modern wall finish combining minerals and natural fibres to make interesting rustic textures. This may be further enhanced by using coloured waxes for veiled, metallic or antiqued look.

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